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This page features some of our recent work.

White Pine Removal Project

  • Durham, Maine
  • August 2018

Gardening Project

  • Freeport, Maine
  • July 2018

Oak Removals

  • June 2018
  • Harpswell, Maine

Container Plantings

  • Cumberland Foreside, Maine
  • June 2018

Container Plantings

  • May 2018
  • Saco, Maine

White Pine Removals

  • April 2018
  • Topsham, Maine

Browntail Caterpillar Nest Removal

  • March 2018
  • Freeport, Maine
  • Maine Coast Waldorf School


Sugar bush thinning to reduce competition to enhance the remaining sugar maples on this beautiful lake front property. Click on the link below to see a short, fun video. Additional pics below, as well.

February 2018


This oak tree in Harpswell was damaged in a fall wind storm. It’s old age and heart rot led to its inability to withstand the strong winds. Due to surrounding structures, the owner decided to have the tree removed for safety purposes.

January 2018


The owner had several birch trees he wanted removed that got weighted down in the winter with snow. They were also right next to utility lines and the neighbor’s garage. We also removed a birch along the walkway to the owner’s house. This was a fun project that took some creativity to safely and successfully remove the trees. It was a beautiful blue sky day and we ended up with a happy customer.

December 2017


Trail storm clean up! So fun! A beautiful fall day. Here are a few before & after pics of our work clearing trails today. If we clear it, they will hike it! 👍🏼The last log left intentionally as a trail marker. We also left all the debris for critter habitat, future compost & “tools” for children imagination.

November 2017

Freeport Storm Trail Clearing

Driveway Clearance

Today we cleared this driveway for improved egress which is important for snow removal & emergency access. You want fire trucks and ambulances to fit in your driveway should you ever need them. Provide space before it’s needed in an emergency. We can help!

October 2017

Helping an Apple Tree

This week we had the pleasure of helping this 200 year old apple tree that had a major branch break.

Apple trees are susceptible to heart rot, as seen in the picture below. Protect your apple trees by reducing branch loads with deadwood pruning, bracing or cabeling before winter. We can help you create a plan to maintain your apple trees for long term growth, safety and aesthetics!

September 2017